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The Online Art Teachers (K-12) Facebook Group was formed on March 11, 2020 as a service project BY art teachers FOR art teachers during the uncertain times of COVID19 pandemic teaching. Our mission was to support art educators, as well as other educators, during a crisis in education. A dedicated team of state, national, and international art education leaders formed during emergency circumstances to guide and lead OATK12 and to ensure that art educators across the United States and world felt supported and connected during pandemic teaching. With 28,000+ members and well over two million interactions, this world-wide collaboration of art educators from more than 120 countries provided, and continues to provide, a much needed resource for teachers. While OATK12 began as a private Facebook group, we also offered private Zoom mentoring sessions for educators during the early pandemic, team leaders often spoke to many school district groups and home school networks and other organizations, and we have thus far hosted four virtual conferences and other events. OATK12 also hosts this website, provides many varied resources, and continues to maintain a Google Folder of resources shared freely by group members during the pandemic. OATK12 is a true service project, with no monetary transactions. We are art teachers working collaboratively with other art teachers for the good of art education during pandemic times and and all the world issues of 2020-2022. With the pandemic crisis in education lessening, the Facebook Group was permanently archived on July 12, 2022. OATK12 will continue here on the website. Check back often for news and information. The private Facebook Group and the group's Google Drive can still be accessed and used, yet no new posts, comments, or resources can be uploaded or shared. Links to all of these resources can be found throughout this website. We will regularly work to keep this website updated.

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Artwork created by Holly Bess Kincaid and Jess Beach during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Harlow will give a lecture on February 6, 2023 to the University of Texas Art and Art History Department's Art Education Program entitled "Harnessing Social Media for Educational Significance: Using the OATK12 Model."


Dr. Trina Harlow and Bob Reeker were the recipients of the

National Art Education Association

Art Education Technology Group's

2021 Community Service Award!

This award is really for the 20K+ members of OATK12!


Dr. Trina Harlow was the recipient of the National Art Education Association's

2021 Gilbert A. Clark and Enid Zimmerman Leadership Advocacy Award

Dr. Sarah Ackermann was the NAEA Clark & Zimmerman Award recipient for 2022.

Dr. Jane Montero was the 2022 NAEA Middle School Art Educator of the Year.

Daniel Bryant was the 2021 Teacher of the Year for his school district.


Bob Reeker received the 2013 NAEA Elementary Art Educator of the Year Award.