Welcome to OATK12!

The Online Art Teachers (K-12) Facebook Group was formed on March 11, 2020 as a service project BY art teachers FOR art teachers during COVID19 social distancing. A dedicated team of state, national, and international art education leaders guide and lead OATK12 and have ensured that art educators across the United States and world feel supported and connected during pandemic teaching. With 19,600+ members and over 600K interactions, this world-wide collaboration of art educators is providing a much needed resource for teachers. OATK12 also hosts this website, digital conferences, a Google Folder of resources, blog, a speakers' bureau, and other special events.

Artwork created in 2020 during the pandemic by

Holly Bess Kincaid and Jess Beach.


Dr. Trina Harlow and Bob Reeker were the recipients of the

National Art Education Association

Art Education Technology Group's

2021 Community Service Award!

This award is really for the 19.6K + members of OATK12!