Celebrate with OATK12

Since the inception of the Online Art Teachers (K-12) Facebook Group page, we have experienced many celebrations during this challenging period. Here, we share some of the many positive testimonials from members.

“At a time where I am physically isolated, I can come here and feel that the creative spirit is alive and well.” –C.M., April 13, 2020

“This group has saved my sanity, especially from the very beginning days where I was so lost and scared! Thank you for all of the recourses, help and encouragement!” –A.G., April 13, 2020

“OMG! I am in love with this group, the people here are so generous. I have learned a lot from everyone's ideas and the effort they put in for their students. Also, I have found hundreds of lesson plans and teaching methods for which I am so grateful to everyone who posted their hard work. Everyone supports here when in need of an idea or when a problem occurs. Love to be in this group and it is a learning process for all of us here.” –S.A., April 13, 2020

“For my fellow art teachers- I have been BEYOND impressed with creative educators response to these unprecedented challenges. All over the world, teachers at all levels, have shared and brainstormed innovative ideas, curriculum, technological support, emotional support, etc. all in order to help each other successfully pivot; all while keeping our students social emotional health and creative development the focus. All of a sudden, we didn’t have our classrooms, and students don’t all have art supplies at home, so it has been a uniquely challenging situation. I feel so supported in this field and wanted to share this article.” –K.D., May 7, 2020

“Happy Teacher appreciation week... this group has been a life raft. I appreciate all of you!” – J. C., May 4, 2020

“Thank you to this group, it has been such an awesome experience having a place to turn when I need questions answered or support. Not only am I an Art Educator but also a STEAM teacher! I am hopeful to find a group for STEM support if anyone has any leads! Turns out, collaborative group work is a tricky thing to teach remotely!” –A.H., April 29, 2020

“I love this group so much! Thank you for being my tribe! Love you all and have a beautiful day.” –F. H., April 26, 2020

“I just have to thank everyone for all the wonderful ideas! This group is the best! Wish me luck on creating my first choice board!” –K.M., April 22, 2020

“This group is absolutely wonderful. I’m grateful beyond words for all of you.” –L.M., April 22, 2020

“This group has been my #1 resource since I’ve had to start teaching art online 3 weeks ago! You have been an inspiration and I appreciate it so much!” – E. B., April 10, 2020

“This is an amazing site. Thank you.” –S.O., April 4, 2020

“I just wanted to say hello, and thank you for forming this amazing group that's helping me spawn so many awesome ideas. You can only go so far with Pinterest, am I right? And teaching art online is forcing us to think in a whole new way. I appreciate it, and all of you!” –J.J., April 5, 2020

“Love this amazing group!” –J.F., April 22, 2020

When asked on April 13, 2020 how this group had supported members...

“That people want to share their ideas and resources not for profit but for caring and understanding for both teachers and our students. I have felt this group was born in a time of need and didn't get paralyzed by negativity.” –J.D.

“The wonderful generosity of sharing ideas and offering a sympathetic ear for our struggles and frustrations. This group is awesome.” – A. W.

“Coming together in full force, without being asked.” –W.E.

“I am grateful for the sharing of ideas that has kept my students engaged but not overwhelmed.” –L.B.

“The kindness and generosity of strangers coming together, and supporting one another with ideas, examples, etc.” –M.C.

“A response from someone who cares and who has expertise.” –S.D.

“Knowing I’m not along in figuring out this technology stuff this late in my career . . . I have learned so much in the past few weeks with the support of this group.” –J.H.

“What a treasure trove of ideas for now and in the future. Such rich fruit that doesn’t have to be converted, just stored for use.” –H.C.

“The willingness to share hours of work!! When I first started teaching 21 years ago, ‘sharing’ lessons you worked so hard on wasn’t really a thing. The district I work for is very good with sharing, and we have a huge support system, but things haven’t always been so generous between teachers. Great ideas in this group!” – K.K.

“Keeping me from thinking I am crazy and incompetent – that we are all up against the same thing.” –B.H.

“The sense of community. Though apart we are together. People are so generous in their sharing.” –S. S.

“Help with the digital transition. Every time I’ve asked, I get excellent and working responses right away that help me find solutions.” –W.H.

“Creative individuals are inspired by the things around them. With this group there are so many wonderful ideas to build off of. The possibilities seem almost endless and it is energizing.” –A.C.

“It comforts me to know that I’m not alone in the problems I face. I enjoy reading the posts and it has rejuvenated me!” –A.E.

“I love this group, just feel less isolated as an art teacher, I really appreciate everyone sharing their practice, lesson plans and I especially love seeing student work.” –R.D.