Online Art Teachers (K-12) now has 20,000+ members from over 120 countries! Watch this video from our founder about how OAT started and why it is significant to have 20,000+ members in these times:

Welcome to OATK12!

The Online Art Teachers (K-12) Facebook Group was formed on March 11, 2020 as a service project BY art teachers FOR art teachers during the uncertain times of COVID19 pandemic teaching. A dedicated team of state, national, and international art education leaders formed during emergency circumstances to guide and lead OATK12 and to ensure that art educators across the United States and world feel supported and connected during pandemic teaching. With 24,000+ members and over two million interactions, this world-wide collaboration of art educators is providing a much needed resource for teachers. OATK12 hosts this website, has hosted three virtual conferences, maintains a Google Folder of resources, has just started a blog, is developing a speakers' bureau, and has held other special events. OATK12 Is a true service project, with no monetary transactions. We are art teachers working collaboratively with other art teachers for the good and survival of art education during these pandemic times.

Artwork created in 2020 during the pandemic by

Holly Bess Kincaid and Jess Beach.

heARTfelt Expressions for Ukraine

Online Art Teachers (K-12) expresses CARE, CONCERN, AND LOVE TO THE PEOPLE OF UKRAINE through the artmaking of our member art teachers and their students.

We WISH FOR PEACE for the school children, teachers, school administrators and staff, and the parents, grandparents, and people of Ukraine. Group members from 47 schools and four global continents collectively shared over 1500 ARTWORKS DONE BY K-12 SCHOOL STUDENTS in an OATK12 Google Slide Show of support. From this slide show, OATK12 HAS MADE A DOWNLOADABLE POSTER FILE and shares this file with group members and global people and leaders in an effort to share the sentiment expressed in this beautiful artwork by school children from outside of Ukraine with the people of Ukraine.

OATK12 is a true service project and does not collect money for any reason and therefore strongly suggests a donation of at least $5.00 or more to the non-profit organization, Baranova27.

This organization was started by the family of Ukrainian-American dancers Maksim and Val Chmerkovskiy and their father Alexander, who immigrated from Ukraine to the United States in 1994. Maks and Val are known for Dance With Me Studios, Dance & Co., and other professional dance efforts, and for their appearances on Dancing with the Stars as mirror ball winners and show regulars over the show’s existence. Baranova27 is working tirelessly to get supplies and support to Ukrainian refugees in Poland at this very time. We ask you to make the donation first, then download the poster.

In the world of the arts, we are a tight knit family and we as visual art educators wish to support the work of our fellow dance artists during this uncertain and difficult time for our world.

This is a link to the Go Fund Me to make a donation:

This is a link to the poster download, a digital quilt of all submitted student artwork:

This is a link to the Google Slide Show with student artwork:

(About the poster file: We highly suggest printing it at the 18”x24” size. You will need to reposition it slightly by Zooming out slightly (roughly ¼” on sides, top, bottom) to fit it properly on 18x24 inch paper. We have tested the printing of the poster and it works as stated here. If you choose to print it as a larger poster, the resolution of the file may not be large enough.)


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Dr. Trina Harlow and Bob Reeker were the recipients of the

National Art Education Association

Art Education Technology Group's

2021 Community Service Award!

This award is really for the 23K+ members of OATK12!


Dr. Trina Harlow was the recipient of the

National Art Education Association's

2021 Gilbert A. Clark and Enid Zimmerman Leadership Advocacy Award

One of 6 national awards given each year by NAEA.