Meet the OATK12 Team

Administrators of the Online Art Teachers (K-12) group are Dr. Trina Harlow (Kansas), Dr. Sarah Ackermann (Illinois), Beth Dobberstein (Wisconsin), Holly Bess Kincaid (Virginia), Kate Miller (Kansas), Bob Reeker (Nebraska), Randy Robart (Ohio), and Marie Taylor (Kansas). The group collaborates with the NAEA Public Policy & Arts Administration Special Interest Group. You can contact the admin team by emailing


Dr. Trina Harlow

NAEA Public Policy & Arts Administration Group-2018-2022 Pres-Elect, 2020-2022 President; NAEA PLR Working Group-4 years, At-Large & Western Region Representative; Tenure-Track Assistant Professor, University of Central Arkansas; Emerging Scholar-International Arts in Society Research Network. Former Texas Art Educator. OATK12 Founder.

Bob Reeker

Former Vice President, NAEA Western Region; President Elect Elect, Nebraska Art Teachers Association; K-5 Art Educator, Lincoln Public Schools; Adjunct Instructor, Nebraska Wesleyan University

Team Leaders

Dr. Sarah Ackermann

Daniel Bryant

Chad Everett

Caitlin Johns

Holly Kincaid

Kate Miller

Jane Montero

Randy Robart

Evan Thomas

Advisory Team

Beth Dobberstein

Marie Taylor

Paula Liz